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Legal eagles find ways of riding out the recession

Legal eagles find ways of riding out the recession Legal eagles find ways of riding out the recessionPosted October 13, 2011, by Josie Chun Like other industries, the legal profession has been significantly affected by the global financial crisis. For both individuals and companies, flexibility seems to be the key to survival. In February 2009, Mahlab Recruitment, a leading legal recruitment firm, released a Market Update outlining how the recent economic downturn has been affecting the legal market. These were their major findings. Private practice Overall, business activity in law firms has slowed, although specific practice areas, such as insolvency and commercial litigation, are thriving. It is expected that pay rises and bonuses will be severely limited in the coming months. While some firms have resorted to retrenching staff, others have come up with creative solutions to retain staff while containing costs. For example, some are offering a lump sum and leave of absence based o n the employees commitment to return at the end of an agreed-upon period. More lawyers are also working part-time during the recession. Mallesons Stephen Jaques, a multiple award-winning law firm, understands the importance of workplace flexibility well. In 2004, it launched its Making work work, together initiative a program which formalised flexible working options. Staff are able to work part time, work flexible hours, job share, swap pay for leave, telework from home or combine ansicht options. This is an excellent example of how law firms can adapt to changing times and thrive as a result and it certainly seems to have paid off for Mallesons. Government There is likely to be increased demand for projects, infrastructure and construction lawyers as a result of the Federal Governments economic stimulus package focusing on infrastructure (particularly in the areas of transport, water, public housing and schools). High profile and senior public sector opportunities are now highl y sought after because they are seen as offering greater job security. Contracting With recruitment freezes, restructuring and redundancies occurring across the market, one of the most significant trends has been for corporations to make increasing use of contract roles, part-time opportunities and flexible working arrangements as a way of cutting costs and dealing with headcount freezes. These options provide a viable way for lawyers to survive these difficult times so the more adaptable you are, the better. Smaller firms may be the way to go Many smaller firms with lower overheads and charge-out rates are picking up business as clients opt for cheaper options. This means that the demand for good candidates in these smaller firms is increasing. Instability at the top end also opens the way for smaller players to pick up experienced partners with transferable contacts and expertise. Where the business is In general, recruitment activity in the major cities has followed similar tren ds a general slowing, especially in areas such as corporate, commercial, finance and property law, but with business picking up in the areas of commercial litigation, insolvency and employment law. Both Sydney and Melbourne have seen increased demand in the IT sector, as well as opportunities within the health, energy and FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industries. Lawyers with corporate governance skills are highly sought after, and opportunities still exist for high-calibre lawyers in the financial services sector. The bottom line This is a time for conservatism and caution, though plenty of opportunities still exist. A flexible approach to employment, including the implementation of innovative workplace practices, is allowing many law firms, and lawyers themselves, to ride out the current recessionary wave.Law ResourcesLawyer sample resumeLawyer sample cover letterCareer Insider StoriesPandelis Tiliakos - BarristerSusan Sumars - Associate Lawyer & Pro Bono CoordinatorInterest ed in becoming a?Human Resources OfficerBusiness ManagerAccountantManagement ConsultantFinancial BrokerPopular Career Searchescertificate iv in legal services victoriahow to become a paralegal in australialist of universities with jd degree in australiabest juris doctor degree in australiagraduate certificate in australian migration law and practice tafeLaw CoursesBachelor of Criminal JusticeEnquire Online Enquire OnlineJuris DoctorEnquire Online Enquire OnlineMaster of LawsEnquire Online Enquire OnlineJosie ChunRelated ArticlesBrowse moreCAREER ADVICECAREER INSPIRATION6 Reasons Why You Should Study LawStudying law offers you the chance to develop a wide range of skills and explore different aspects of human life, businesses, and society. Here are a few more reasons why studying law in Australia is an excellent choice.LawLaw career fact sheetConsidering a career in law? Check out this fun fact sheet for everything you need to know about the industry, at a glance.Sports ManagementUnu sual jobsKerrilyn Cramer - Tennis Official, Chair UmpireEvery now and again when players are misbehaving, or the match is particularly close or tense for some reason, I feel some pressure, but I dont think its any different to any other job, I just have to deal with it.

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How to Build a Career in the Payroll Department

How to Build a Career in the Payroll DepartmentHow to Build a Career in the Payroll DepartmentWith low unemployment and more than 200,000 new jobs created each month, its easy to see why payroll professionals are in huge demand. Interested in a career in payroll? Read on for answers to common questions about working in this field.Q How do I get started in the payroll department?A While payroll experience is preferable for an entry-level clerical position, its not mandatory. The minimum educational requirement is a high school diploma or GED, and employers are willing to offer on-the-job training to new payroll hires. A background in bookkeeping, human resources or administrative assistance can easily transfer to payroll.Q What does a payroll clerk do?A This entry-level position is part payroll and part clerical. Working under a supervisor, you would assist with data entry, filing, answering employee questions and maintaining accurate records. The payroll department and human resource s work closely together, so as a payroll clerk, you might deal with employment verification, processing new hires paperwork and helping with orientation. In some departments, a payroll clerk also carries out basic bookkeeping duties.Read about whats new in the ever-expanding world of payroll professionals.Q What are employers looking for in an entry-level payroll clerk?A Besides a high school diploma, basic computer and math skills are common requirements. Relevant experience is a plus, but often not required for the right candidate. Job skills are essential, though. Employers appreciate applicants who demonstrate professionalism, can solve problems independently, have good written and verbal communication, pay attention to detail, and provide excellent customer service.Q What hard and soft skills are in demand?A Read about the trends and required skills for payroll professionals in the slideshow, below.Striking a Balance Hard and Soft Skills for Payroll ProfessionalsThis slideshare was presented at the American Payroll Associations 2018 Congress, where Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps, was a keynote speaker.Q What types of software does a payroll department use?A You should be proficient in Microsoft Office, especially Excel, Word and Outlook. Most payroll departments use one of the following pay-processing systems Sage, ADP, PeopleSoft, UltiPro, Workday, Kronos, Dayforce, Paychex and Paycom. The more you advance in the department, the more youll be expected to be proficient in SAP, FreshBooks, NetSuite, Oracle and other financial software.Q What is the typical career progression in payroll?A After a few years as a payroll clerk, youre ready for the next rung on the ladder. As a payroll specialist, you would be working more independently in processing payroll, employment verification forms, garnishment orders and so forth. Youd also serve as backup for the payroll coordinator/administrator. At the top of the payroll org chart is the payroll manager, who supervises a team, handles higher-level accounting functions, stays up to date on legislative compliance and trains staff on software, year-end closing and payroll best practices.Looking for a job in payroll? See the job descriptions and duties for different positions in the payroll department.The higher you go in the payroll department, the more degrees youll need. After a GED, the next step is an associate or bachelors degree in accounting, finance, management, business administration or human resources. A masters degree is a preferred qualification for those planning on advancing to a leadership role in HR or finance.Q Does payroll have a certification program?A Yes. The American Payroll Association (APA) offers two industry-recognized payroll certifications. Created for entry-level employees, the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) covers the core concepts required to get started in the industry. The good thing about this credential is that no prior payroll exp erience is necessary. To pass the exam, the APA recommends six to 12 weeks of study and review. The organization offers study guides, prep courses, web-based training, books and a boot camp.For those with more experience and wishing to lead a department, the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) offers an advanced overview of payroll topics, ranging from a mastery of core concepts to in-depth accounting and finance practices.Both certifications verify a specific level of knowledge and can help you stand out from other applicants during a job search.Q What are salaries in payroll like?A Payroll offers excellent job and salary prospects. The salary midpoint for a payroll clerk is $39,000, according to the 2019 Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance Professionals. For a payroll coordinator or administrator, its $46,000, and for a payroll manager or supervisor, $72,750.Salaries range widely from city to city and should be adjusted for each market using the Salary Calculator. At the midp oint, candidates have average experience with the necessary skills to meet the job requirements, and the role may be in an industry where competition for talent is moderate.The payroll department is a rewarding place to work, bringing you into contact with people throughout the organization. If youre looking for a career with plentiful job opportunities and interesting work, now is a great time to get your foot in the door.

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5 Steps to Build Self-Confidence

5 Steps to Build Self-Confidence 5 Steps to Build Self-Confidence He told me that in the first 60-90 seconds he could tell I was nervous, yet, after that, I loosened up and got into the feel of it. Although he told me he believed public speaking was certainly in my future, there was one very important area I needed to master to bring it all together.Heres a what-my-memory-will-allow recap of our conversationHim Besides the higher-ups, who are the best paid people in a company?Me Developers?Him Sales. And why is this?Me Because fruchtwein people arent comfortable asking for money.Him So, what is it about sales people that enable them to feel comfortable doing so?Me Aggression?Him ConfidenceThis intrigued me and led me to the article Key Qualities of a Great Sales Person. The author lists eight of the most common traits of great sales people, and guess what came in at number two? Confidence.The author writes that a confident person believes in his/her own abilities and can handle rej ection. Sales people either dont take no for an answer or dont take no personally. They are driven and go for what they want, oftentimes stopping at nothing until theyve accomplished their goals.I wonder what would happen if wed all adopt a sales mentality for every area of our lives? How much could you accomplish if you didnt take no for an answer? If you were driven and relentlessly pursued your desires? I believe this mentality is possible for everyone, but it all begins with self-confidence.You know the saying, confidence is key? Well, its true. If you dont believe in your abilities and skills, how will you stay motivated? What will drive you? What force would push you to accept nothing but what you set out to accomplish?Below are five tips for building your self-confidence, advice I also plan to take to ensure I have a sales mindset for all my endeavors1. Review past accomplishmentsWhen facing a big challenge, project or task, sometimes all we need is a reminder that weve been there and done that. Look at your past accomplishments to see if any are similar to what youre currently facing. This should help build your confidence, knowing that youve already successfully accomplished a similar task. You can do this too. Even if you dont have past accomplishments similar to your current task, you have past accomplishments. Dont forget what you have done, which can show you that you do have the skills and abilities to achieve things.2. Dont underestimate your roleUnsure if youre good enough or qualified to fulfill a task? Think about your current role. You applied for the job and were selected out of X amount of other applicants. Obviously, youre qualified to fulfill the role youre in dont underestimate that. Look for ways your current role relates to the task at hand. Were you asked to manage a project because of your role? Were you chosen to speak at an event because of the topics you regularly write about? Just like your current role, there is a reason you we re presented with the opportunity at hand. Dont downplay that.3. Think about your strengthsA great way to increase your self-confidence is to think about your strengths. Make a list of every area youre strong in (you may be surprised at how long it is). Dont forget areas others, such as managers, mentors, colleagues, etc., have noted as your strengths. This helps build confidence because it reaffirms your skills and abilities. You can also make a list of your weakness and challenge yourself to improve upon them. Personal and professional development, i.e. making the effort to improve weak areas, is certainly a sign of strength.4. Assess your goalsA lot of times it helps to assess your goals. What are your short-term and long-term goals? What is your motivation for both? Sometimes looking at the reason behind why were pursuing something helps our confidence. Its much easier to maintain your confidence when working toward a degree in a field that you love and are passionate about vers us a degree that family and friends think youd be better suited for.Also remember when thinking about your goals, only you can get you there. If you dont believe in yourself and your capabilities, who else will? Think about a job interview. If youre not fully confident that youre the best person to fill the position, why would a hiring manager be convinced? You must be your number one fan.5. Fake it geschiebemergel you make itThis is a common saying, but I think its true when it comes to confidence. The gentleman offering me constructive criticism agreed If your confidence isnt there, you still need to act like it is. He told me to think about actors and actresses, they play a part and become a character on screen, but that doesnt mean thats who they are in real life. Of course, you eventually want to truly possess self-confidence, but this doesnt always happen overnight. Sometimes you need to act like youre confident. Oftentimes when you do this, confidence will inevitably build wi thin you.

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Facebook Adds New Professional Skills Feature

facebook inc Adds New Professional Skills Feature Facebook Adds New Professional Skills Feature Recently, Facebook added a new feature the ability to add professional skills to your profile. This is a big deal if youre looking for work or even if youre just building a strong online presence as a career development tool. After all, a recent survey showed that 52% of job seekers have used Facebook during their search much higher than the numbers for either Twitter or LinkedIn and this latest move shows that Facebook is very interested in expanding further into the recruitment market. How to add your skills You can add your skills by clicking the about tab at the top of your profile page.The first option is Work and Education and youll see an edit button to the right. Click that and right at the bottom of that section, you will now have the option to add your professional skills.One word of caution the skill you enter must match the Facebook database of skills if it doesnt, you wo nt be able to add it. This means you may have to play around with various options before finding one you can use. For example, I tried to add resume writing but this isnt currently a recognized skill and I therefore had to go with the more general writing. Presumably this will improve over time. Set your skills to public Facebook lets you choose how many people can see this aspect of your profile. I recommend making this public, so that any recruiter or hiring manager can see it. Where this beats LinkedIn LinkedIn currently allows users to add skills to their profile, but Facebook has gone one better by making the skills searchable. In other words, a hiring manager looking for someone with skills in social media, could search that term and then look for all the people who have listed it on their profiles.At the moment, I think this search function is a little rudimentary for example, I wasnt able to find social media managers who live in New York despite trying a variety of differe nt searches. But again, Id expect this to be something that improve over time.For now, adding your professional skills to your profile is a no-brainer, given how many companies are checking Facebook profiles before making hiring decisions. So what are you waiting for?

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Need Some Resume Inspiration Check Out Elon Musk#8217;s

Need Some Resume Inspiration Check Out Elon Musk8217s Need Some Resume Inspiration Check Out Elon Musks Well, not Elon Musks real resume. We dont have access to that and at this point, Muskfrankly doesntneed a resume. Everyone already knows who he is and what he does.Theres not a meeting room in the world where Musks reputation fails to precede him.That said, the folks at resume-writing firm Novoresumehave put together a mock-up of what Musks resume might look like. Its impressive, as you might expect. More importantly, it offers solid guidance to all the job seekers out there who arent yet accomplished enough to ditch their resumes entirely.If you need some help writing a resume that really sells your skills and accomplishments, look no further than Elon MusksMaster the art of closing deals and making placements. Take our Recruiter Certification Program today. Were SHRM certified. Learn at your own pace during this 12-week program. Access over 20 courses. Great for those who want to break into recruiting, or recruiters who want to further their career.

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People fear robots taking over jobs around the world

People fear robots taking over jobs around the worldPeople fear robots taking over jobs around the worldIf you worry about the robot takeover, you are not alone. In a new Pew Research Center survey of 9,670 respondents in nine countries this summer, the researchers found that in large majorities of people across the globe, people are more worried than optimistic about our robot brethren working alongside us and doing our current jobs.Anxiety about robots taking jobs is widespreadIn the nine countries of polled - the United States, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Poland, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, and Hungary - each countrys majority came to the same view that robots and computers would be doing much of the work currently done by humans in the next 50 years.And this made populations anxious about their career prospects. More than eight in ten adults in Greece, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, and Canada said it would be harder for ordinary people to get jobs. All of the countries majori ties recognized that the inequality between the rich and the poor would get worse than it is today when this robot takeover happens.Robot optimists believe that robots can free up humans to do more creative, fulfilling work. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for example, says robots can help us cure diseases and avoid accidents. But the participants in this study did not share this optimism. None of the countries majority populations said that this future of work would lead to new, better-paying jobs. Only Japan (74%), Poland (52%) and Hungary (52%) said that robots performing human jobs would make economies more efficient.Who is going to prepare employees for the future of work? It is going to be up to the workers themselves, many populations believed. In the U.S, Argentina, and Brazil, more than seven in ten people said that individuals have a lot of responsibility for getting the right skills and education for this future.

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What You Have to Know About Cool Resume

What You Have to Know About Cool Resume Now imagine if this SAME resume had had a summary statement on top clearly outlining why youre an ideal candidate. Optimizing your resume to guarantee cohesiveness is a crucial step if you would like employers to really read it and consider you for the position. Though it is believed to be minimalistic, you are going to be able to accommodate as much information as you need even more. Contact Information The very first section of your resume should incorporate information on the way the employer can contact you. Most Noticeable Cool Resume Make certain its tailored to not merely the position, but the provider too. Fantastic for everybody to promote their finest skills and receive a dream job. Reading can be way more dynamic and interesting when you have the chance to split the reading experience with other folks. If you wish to receive a work answer is NO. Why Almost Everything Youve Learned About Cool Resume Is Wrong Creating your personal brand is an incredible method to become noticed by means of an employer and will win additional brownie points from brand-savvy firms, like ad agencies or advertising companies. When youre asking for a job which relies on the strengths of the person, you will need a resume template that you could inject a little more personality into to make it pop. The perfect way to approach a resume is to use it in order to convey your top strengths. So youve picked out the ideal template to receive your foot in the door at your fantasy job. Professionally, our resumes are often the very first impression a prospective employer gets of us. Well, that and whether you really want to have that job. Submit the same resume for every single job. Every bartending job differs. Everyone hopes to put on an opportunity to impress potential new employer at a job interview, but theres no denying that interviews can be quite stressful You may want to think about a qualifications summary which w e outlined in last weeks postbut if you simply need to have a summaryhere are a couple examples to help you begin. Possessing a good resume or CV is a crucial part of getting your fantasy job. Assuming you have the skills theyre searching for, a striking and visually appealing resume will go a ways at getting you the creative job which you would like. One even needs a bar code. Highlight the text youd love to use the formatting to. You also receive the choice to pick a template from the bunch of beautiful resume templets out there. Light blue is utilized to accentuate headings for superior content hierarchy.The upcoming free resume template was made in the shape of a brochure. Several sites exist specifically to aid you make an attractive visual resume. Unlike the majority of the online resume builder sites that need the user to register, it does not need registration. There are lots of templates online. Top Choices of Cool Resume Creative Resume Content Whichever creativ e resume design you select, the content has to be no problem to find and logically organized. ConnectCV is another exact efficient online resume building tool free of charge. Making your resume is important. If youre not acquainted with using Google Docs, the formatting features are easy to use. Just make certain its still simple to read regardless of what colors you opt for. The magnificent green color is highlighting the principal points. A suitable font can help enhance the look of your resume. Sometimes all you will need is a timeless style template thats clean, clear and right to the point. What Everybody Dislikes About Cool Resume and Why They all might be appropriate, but theyre fun to draw and you can make your own tagline to cooperate with it Just because you would like a minimalistic and simple resume doesnt signify that it needs to be devoid of color and creativity. Then it may be time to bring some style to your resume Our creative templates make it possible for you to stick out from the crowd. The War Against Cool Resume There are a lot of free creative resume templates youll be able to use, allowing you to focus your energy on everything else you should do. The typical period of time someone will appear at your resume is about 5-8 seconds. A photo is a superb method of breaking the ice by means of your resumeeven if youre not physically there, your employer will have the ability to rate your glowing personality The times you ought to use a creative resume are fewer than when you ought to use a formal resume.